BAA Architects - Office & Corporate Projects (1)

The Courtyard, Nairobi
The Courtyard, Nairobi, Kenya
One Africa Plaza, Nairobi
One Africa Place, Nairobi, Kenya
Allianz HQ, Kenya
Allianz Offices, Nairobi, Kenya
James Gichuru Offices, Kenya
James Gichuru Offices, Nairobi, Kenya
School Lane Offices, Nairobi
School Lane Offices, Nairobi, Kenya
Crossridge Offices, Nairobi
Crossridge Offices, Nairobi, Kenya
ICEA Building
ICEA HQ, Nairobi, Kenya
Rwenzori Towers, Kampala
Rwenzori Towers
James Gichuru Drive, Nairobi
James Gichuru Drive, Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Nairobi
Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Nairobi, Kenya
The Riverfront, Nairobi
The Riverfront, Nairobi, Kenya
The Oval, Nairobi
The Oval, Nairobi, Kenya

About us

BAA has established itself as a highly professional and competent practice offering clients fresh and creative ideas that combine stylish design with responsible use of money, sound maintenance principles and professionally executed services. Operating as Bowman Associates since 1999.
BAA is committed to providing quality service to its clients and our objective is to ensure that the quality of our work is unsurpassed in terms of quality, reliability, timely execution and cost effectiveness.

BAA Architects Ltd

PO Box 63756-00619
Mitini Estate, Ngecha Road
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +25420 4183118/4182108



BAA is fully resourced with a team of full-time professional and highly educated individuals, this highly motivated resource base will ensure the long-term development of the company to become the leaders in regional architectural excellence.
The company’s locally and internationally qualified professional team are further augmented by a full in-house administrative back-up and support team.